Wednesday 7 December 2016

Google’s new Trusted Contacts app turns Smartphone into Emergency Rescue system

Your whereabouts now can be requested and monitored by close family & friends after being added as contacts during potentially dangerous situations

Today, the internet anyway follows us wherever we go - even into dangerous situations.  One’s security is a top priority and many tech firms are thus investing their time and interest in promoting personal safety. Based on this, Google’s Trusted Contacts mobile app lets you connect with your family and friends in case of an emergency.
The app was released on the 5th of December, 2016 coincidentally after the deadly Oakland, California fire, which led Facebook to activate it safety check feature as quoted by San Jose Mercury News.

How it works ?

The app lets you tag people from your contacts. During an unforeseen emergency like an accident, wildfire or an earthquake or any such event or simply when you are unavailable to talk; it lets you send your location and a message. If you are offline for a long period of time, it can track your last location activities as stated by Minh T. Nguyen, a Google software engineer, in a Company blogpost announcing the launch of Trusted Contacts. According to Google you can turn the location settings down or change the trusted contacts whenever you want if you are worried about privacy.

Looks like there’s lots more than what we have share which can be learnt once you use the app..
Please share your thoughts and views about the app with us…

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