Sunday 1 May 2016

Google celebrates Mario Miranda’s 90th birthday

Google commemorated the 90th anniversary of Mario Miranda's birthday.
Mario Miranda's 90th birthday
source: Google Doodles

Mario Miranda was a beloved cartoonist, best known for his works published in the Times of India and The Illustrated Weekly of India. Based primarily on the bustling cityscape of Mumbai, Miranda’s works often feature complex, multi-layered scenes. Humanity floods the canvas, and yet each character maintains their unique individuality.

Our guest Doodler today is Aaron Renier, another comic artist known for portraying large crowds. “I approached Mario’s work by pretending I was drawing with him,” says Renier. “I chose his most popular style, very flat with criss-crossing interactions.” In this homage to Miranda, we see a rich litany of people, each unique in their perspective. “That is what I liked most about his work,” Renier explains, “trying to pick out who knows who, who's watching who, who's annoyed by who, who's enamored by who. Hopefully people will see something of [Miranda’s] spirit in it.”

We’re pleased today to honor the legacy of Mario Miranda. His works live on throughout India, and we’re proud to provide another space for this artist’s surging style to rest.