Friday 16 December 2016

Amazon to launch Cash-Free Convenience stores

No long queue’s, No checkout (No, seriously)

While going cashless is the new big dream here, somewhere on the other side of the globe, Amazon is planning on taking the retail market by storm by launching over 2000 cash-free convenience stores according to The Wall Street Journal. 

Pic Source: CNet

Amazon’s new self-checkout technology called ‘Amazon Go’ will literally allow people to walk-in the store, pick what they want and walk out- no checkout process at all, so no time wasted! 

To test this technology Amazon has opened a 1800 sq ft store it its hometown Seattle – for its employees. If proved successful the store will be open to the general public early next year. Unlike the technology - RFID scanners used in the regular retail stores which are subject to the RFID tags on the products; Amazon Go uses a completely different approach – it uses computer vision & sensors to detect what items are taken outside the store. When walking in, you need to scan the app, do your shopping and the sensors will charge them to your account when walking out of the door and although it feels like shoplifting, remember you are being watched by numerous cameras.

In theory, it sounds fantastic! Now all we have to do is wait and watch for if it does prove successful, it will definitely transform the retail market.


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