Thursday 24 September 2015

The Birth of Alegra Broadband

"Customer support: Please be online and we will be with you shortly"​
We have all heard these lines, nobody gets back to us shortly unless its a paid customer support. But hey wait aren't you paying for their services already?

We were tired of calling the customer support over and over again trying to fix the slow net speed issues. Nothing worked!! Finally we got tired and stopped calling. The internet speed is dead slow, so slow that sometimes I feel my 56K dial-up internet was faster.

This is when Alegra Broadband was born. We want everyone to surf the internet at blazing speeds, be a part of new age systems.
Our base lines are 4Mbps where as other service providers are just switching to 2Mbps.

Be the change!

For the generation who are not aware of a 56K dial-up modem. 

Dial up modem connected to the phone line and it would make a cranky noise while connecting to the internet. Unlike today's broadband it was not always connected to the www. We could go for a shower and come back for a single page to be loaded. :)

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